About Me

Hello there and welcome to this land of mine!

I’m a legal secretary, part time student and a new Beachbody Coach by day and a coffee addicted writer extraordinaire by night! I guess this is where I give you some exceptional and match.com profile type of information about myself right? Here it goes!

Things I can’t live without (other than food, air and water of course) :

Chocolate (especially dark)
Reading & Writing (they just go hand in hand to me)
My mom’s cooking
The color pink (I mean, who doesn’t look good in pink?)
Car-aoke (You can watch me break it down on the 405 & 105 freeway daily)
Olaf (I mean, he gives warm hugs)
Coffee Mugs
Make Up
Shiney things

Things I like to do:

Hanging out with my lil bro and making up recipes (he wants to be a chef when he grows up)
Figuring out how to make healthy eating delicious
DIY Projects
Spending hours on Pinterest
Watching my favorite movies and old SATC episodes

Places I visit regularly:

Starbucks to meet up with  the gals, study and people watch!
The Beach
Alive Seminars & Coaching to support the people doing amazing work there.


Favorite Movie Quote:

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.”

These are just a few things about me and I will be sharing a lot more here on this lil blog of mine! I wish you all an amazing and wonderful day!




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