The Whirlwind at Ease or should I say not so at ease

Evy Study Time

Above is a pic of me at Starbucks while I studied and enjoyed a delicious Mango Black Tea Lemonade! And by study, I mean try to focus on my assignments while checking Facebook, Instagram, and checking out the cute guys that happen to walk in! ūüėČ

Hello Everyone,

This is my very first blog post and I feel super excited,  giddy and as if I have butterflies in my stomach!

A bit about me, I’m 27 going on 28, I live in Los Angeles and work full time at an amazing law firm in West LA as a legal secretary. I am surrounded by well educated and passionate attorneys who are super obsessed with the work that they do and it has inspired me to go back to school and work toward doing something I love. ¬†I lived in Phoenix, AZ for nearly a year but I moved back to LA with my mother so I could ¬†attend community college part time and work¬†toward a degree in Communication Disorders & Sciences. As a part of my major, I am required to take¬†a lot of Child Development classes and they¬†have changed and improved my life immensely. I seriously love those classes and it has lead me down a path of self acceptance, self observation and filled me with an urge to understand my life and the people in it a whole lot better. But I’ll get into that and with¬†more detail in a bit.¬†I am also the youngest of 5 and have an adopted 12 year old little brother who is practically my own kid¬†(people seriously always think he is mine). I will probably be talking about him A LOT because he is a HUGE part of my life and makes me very happy! I am addicted to coffee, the color pink, musicals, books, desserts and Disney! The¬†beach and Disneyland are my favorite places in the world (so far) and I go as often as I can. I’m a morning person and an open book! I live life trying to encourage everyone¬†to be kind, optimistic and more body positive toward themselves and each other. I have always been a dreamer and I am seriously working hard toward making all those dreams my¬†reality! I also love spending time with kids and¬†I¬†find their energy and innocent perspective on life very refreshing! Which is what lead me toward speech therapy. I plan on working with kids in a school setting and I hope to make an impact on their educational and personal development.

I’m usually running around like a chicken without a head trying to balance work, school, family, friends, and my own personal time but I have a three week break between the summer and fall semester and I’m actually kinda freaking out. I’m not used to having my evenings free to do as I see fit and it’s making me giddy trying to figure out how to spend my time. I’m like a kid in a candy store except with time. I returned to school¬†after an 8 year “break” and I find that I am seriously LOVING the entire experience. I feel like I’m filling a void I didn’t know I had! I missed doing homework, learning something new, sitting in a classroom and listening to a professor that loves his/her subject talk about it with excitement. I know there are some super monotonous professors who look bored and as if they would love nothing more than¬†to shoot themselves if they have to talk about class attendance for another year BUT I’ve been blessed with ¬†teachers that truly care about their subject and the success of their students. I have taken 2 child development classes in the last couple of semesters and it has seriously impacted me on a personal level. Learning about how a child develops and the many factors that impact his/her life made me analyze my own life and my family. I have always been in the middle about the nature vs. nurture debate and find myself leaning toward the nurture side a little bit more now. I still think both play a big role in a person’s development¬†but learning that development starts at the time of conception has made me realize how much our environment and the people around you really help form who you are and whether or not you reach your full potential. With this in mind, ¬†I have taken a serious and hard look at my own life and realized that there were so many positive and negative things that happened to me but the choice on how to react was completely mine. And being aware of that choice had a lot to do with how my mother raised me and it made me so much more grateful to have such an amazing woman in my life. I know everyone thinks their mom is amazing, as they should, but they don’t make them like mine anymore. She is so giving, honest, caring and definitely the wisest person I have ever met! I’d be beyond blessed to become half of the woman she is¬†and if my children loved¬†me as much as I love her. She inspires me daily and I dread the day I can no longer turn to her for advice.

All of this learning and¬†all of this free time has me feeling like I need to do something with myself. Whenever I have nothing planned or nothing to do I just hear my mom’s voice in my head “There’s always something to do. There’s always something that can be cleaned, fixed or maintained.” So¬†I’ve gotten back to exercising, planning a few DIY projects and I’m currently reading Game of Thrones. I’m up to date on all of the episodes for¬†the show but I really wanted to read the books since so many of my friends recommended the series. It is amazingly written and full of details, which¬†I love, but I still feel like I need to be doing more…so I decided to start blogging. I’ve always had this urge or need to put everything that’s going on in this restless mind of mine onto paper. Or should I say in a Word document? It started at a young age with a journal and then I was obsessed with poetry for a bit but now it has evolved into something else. There can be a song, a quote, a news story or any other kind of information that moves me and I’ll just go on a rant inside my head and it gets so overwhelming and complex (to me) that I need to write it down to make sense of it all. So far I’m liking it. Who knows who will even read this blog. I have no expectations and I’m just enjoying being able to put my thoughts out there and hoping someone might relate to this.

I wish you all a terrific and fulfilling day and I’d seriously love it if you could please drop a comment!


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